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We provide Termite and Pest management services for commercial and residential properties in Stanislaus and Merced County , in Central California.

We have the solution for your pest problems, we know which pests have a preference for certain times of the year to be more active inside your home and outside. Our pest programs are designed to target pests when they are most active and where they like to hide.

With 40 years of experience in pest control technology, quality service is our mission, your satisfaction is our goal!

Our program begins with an inspection of your home, to identify the specific pests, and any conducive conditions that exisit for the infestation. Then we apply the right solution needed to stop the pests and correct the conditions for the pests.

We use only certified quality products and technical expertise to make your home or business a safe pest-free environment.

We will even remove those unsightly cob webs from your doorways and eaves!

Need a Non-Pesticide option? We also have all natural organic formulations as an alternative available upon request!

Free Estimates
No two homes are exactly the same. We do not believe in one price fits all, we need to inspect your home and evaluate the level of pest activity, and formulate a treatment program that is right for you. We promise to provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates.

Our Monthly Service Program
We provide the best protection and coverage.
Our monthly program keeps a fresh protective barrier around your home, to keep pests away.
Interior treatments can be at anytime upon request, however some preperation may be required.
Pest are seasonal, and we design our treatments with that in mind, our monthly service provides you with free call back treatments, should pest activity re-appear between service visits

Our Alternate-Monthly Service Program
We provide exterior perimeter treatments every other month and interior treatments upon request.
All with the same great service guarantee, free call back service.

No Contract No Problem We Do One-Time Treatments
We will provide full service features, interior and exterior treaments, but with this service if the infestation is severe secondary treament may be needed, our service will be the best, but follow up treatments may be needed, and could require extra fees.

Need a Non-Pesticide Option?
We use Eco Smart Organic botanical products that are effective formulations that can provide natural pest protection without the use of pesticides along with an IPM (Integrated Pest Management Program) and good sanitation practices we can keep your home pest free the natural way.

This program will checking your home or business for gaps and openings that insects and rodents could enter your home thru. Then we start the "Fix phase" which includes sealing or repairing those gaps, and then we "clean-out" infested areas and removing pests and what ever products they have infested by cleaning or vacuuming. then we apply the right material formultaion needed for long term pest prevention treatment
Our program is effective but extra fees for this service may apply

We are experienced in stopping Termites from destroying your home and we apply EPA Approved products best suited to treat termite infestation where ever they may hide. we do Termite inspections and prepare reports that give you accurate information about any WDO (wood destroying organisim) found, conducive conditions, and our control recommendations.

Our Treatments are 100% Guaranteed

Interior Home treatment
We treat all the accessible areas of your home. However certain preparations may be required for certain pests and treatment areas. we can use dusts for wall voids, baits for sensitive areas and we can set and check traps.
Have a severe infestation? We use ULD technology and can regain control of that infestation quickly. Our programs are safe and effective, we can spot treat interior areas, dust attics, and sub areas of your home. No matter what the pest, mice, rats, fleas, spiders, ants or roaches we have what you need to rid your home or business of these pests.

Got problems with Spider webs?
We will even sweep cob webs from the eaves and around door ways.

Got Wasps?
If you have wasps nests we can treat and remove them

Excell Pest Solutions

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2184 Linden Street
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Phone 209.777.9945

Craig Chastain
23 W. Alexander Ave. PMB 54
Merced, CA 95340
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CA Lic # OPR11714
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